Going Wireless Contest: 4th Winner

And the winner is… Jerry Vo

His Web site is www.temptingf8.com. (We don’t know if he has vanity plates with the same cute word play, but he obviously should.) Jerry took his model, ifer (pronounced if-er) to an abandoned brick factory. What they found was a fantastic assortment of backgrounds with which to work. Then, to get even more f8full (sorry) they dripped, threw and spattered paint all over ifer and the walls behind her. The highlight of the shoot was when they found an abandoned canoe (a what?) floating in a pool inside the factory. Jerry used Cactus triggers (see, we’re not prejudiced) and the final photos and video are outstanding.

Flickr Set of all the photos
Jerry’s Photo Portfolio
ifer’s model portfolio

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  1. kirklau says:

    Don Valley Brickwork is an amazing place to shoot! (hopefully it will stay that way till i come back to Toronto….

    very nice video! and congrats on the Pocket wizard winning!

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