Video: Tony Donaldson and Clementine Ford


Tony sent us a link to a great video of his photo shoot with Clementine Ford for Curve Magazine.

I recently photographed actress Clementine Ford (“The L Word”, “The Young and the Restless”, also Cybill Shepherd’s daughter) for Curve magazine. I love working for Curve, they interview interesting people and give me the opportunity to create whatever images I feel like. I never see the interview first. And usually I don’t talk to the personality before the shoot, as it’s all done with their “people”.

Link – Tony asks for feedback – show him some love!

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No Responses to “Video: Tony Donaldson and Clementine Ford”

  1. mabel santos says:

    ilove clementine

  2. danno~ says:

    very cool to see this video.
    thanks for posting it!