PocketWizard – Remote Manual Flash Control

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2 Responses to “PocketWizard – Remote Manual Flash Control”

  1. Jewell Bunch II says:

    hello I was watching the amazing video on how to shoot with sekonic Light meter manual i have a question

    I am shooting a sekonic L-358 light meter and i want to manual shoot with it with a nikon sb 600 speedlight how can i set this up on a windows computers thanks for the help from jewell bunch I am also shooting with a nikon D 80 SLE if that matters any thanks again and look forward to hearing from you

    • admin says:

      In order to properly meter with your L-358, you need to set your Nikon SB600 to manual mode and set power levels to achieve the f-number you want for the working distance you are shooting. Please look to your Nikon SB600 manual to see how to use manual settings. The computer operating system and camera you are using are not relevant to this. Set your meter to Cordless mode to read the manually set flash.