DPE Podcast with Joe Brady

MAC Group’s own Joe Brady was a guest on a recent Digital Photo Experience podcast. Hanging out with hosts Rick Sammon and Juan Pons for the first 14 minutes of the show, Joe explains what PocketWizard technology is all about. This is a great place to get a cursory and fundamental understanding of what PocketWizards do when you release the shutter.

Joe also discusses other topics for the following ten minutes, including color management and guitars.

Digital Photo Experience is a solid source of content, and worth checking regularly if you’re serious about getting better photographic results, regardless of your level of expertise. Sign up for for their podcast, learn, and enjoy!

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One Response to “DPE Podcast with Joe Brady”

  1. richard pool says:

    I would like to attend your webcast re Pocket Wizard on Oct. 20 10AM PST. Is it necessary to register for this?