Michael Willems’ Gizmo of the Day

Michael Willems and his nifty blog, SpeedLighter.ca, have posted an interesting article about how to modify a Photoflex DualFlash bracket so it can hold two flashes or a flash and a PocketWizard for use on a light stand.

Michael Willems at SpeedLighter.ca

The modification appears to be quick and simple. Although we haven’t tried it, it seems like a good idea. Nice job, Michael!

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3 Responses to “Michael Willems’ Gizmo of the Day”

  1. Chet Scerra says:

    Great idea. Got any close up photos with flash and PW attached? I’m looking for exactly this. Where to get? How much?

  2. Awesome idea! I’ll take two!

  3. Chet:

    We don’t have any photos or pricing – perhaps asking Michael would help?