Alexander Ovechkin vs. PocketWizard

Some of us are old enough to remember the days when hockey players were not required to wear mouth guards and helmets. There were a lot of toothless guys on the ice who had no problems suiting up again and again to do battle with wooden sticks. Bones were broken, noses bloodied, and equipment got seriously abused.

That said, it’s nice to see PocketWizard gear can take any damage the NHL can dish out. Check out this segment from a Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals game, as posted on YouTube by the NHL. Alexander Ovechkin of the Capitals not only scores on Marc-Andre Fleury, but takes out the net cam, remotely fired with a PocketWizard MultiMAX.

Watch carefully, and you’ll see a technician remount the PocketWizard back on the camera. If anyone knows who the photographer is, give a shout. We’d love to credit him, as we do with all shooters who use PocketWizards.

Enjoy, sports fans!

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5 Responses to “Alexander Ovechkin vs. PocketWizard”

  1. I can see the multimax, but what is the second box? Is it another multimax to trigger the stadium strobes?

  2. David Dvir says:

    That’s pretty sweet. Looks like a Nikon D3s in there with a 16mm fisheye. Never thought a full DSLR would be in those nets. At least now I know I can put my own gear in the net when we play shinny..

  3. Oh, it’s probably based on a very strong housing, and a lot of insurance

  4. Dylan Lynch says:

    it’s a standard netcam housing, just plexi and velcro. one PW to trigger the camera, one to trigger the strobes. that guy took alot of heat in the community for wasting game time putting it all back together, kinda unprofessional. anyone i know would have grabbed the box and ran off the ice.