T. Michael Testi’s Detailed Review

T. Michael Testi of the Enlightened Image has gone all out with a detailed review of the PocketWizard FlexTT5, MiniTT1, AC3 and AC9 for Canon, although owners of the new Nikon units will find much of his information valuable, too. In particular, he stresses the importance of loading PocketWizard units with the latest firmware via the PocketWizard Utility application. It is available for Mac OS X or Windows.

Testi ends his review with the following two paragraphs:

Once I got everything setup with the FlexTT5, I found the set to be incredibly reliable and easy to use. I do not think I have had a misfire yet. I have used them to shoot with flashes in E-TTL and manual as well as using Alien Bees studio lights.

I really like the smallness of MiniTT1 – you really almost forget that it is on your camera. I also like flatness of the FlexTT5’s design as well. With all of the configuration abilities and reliability, if you want professional grade remote flash triggering, then I can highly recommend the MiniTT1 and FlexTT5.

Testi has labeled this review “Part 1,” so we assume there will be more content forthcoming. We like his writing, and the rest of his blog. We hope to see more in the future. Thanks, T.

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3 Responses to “T. Michael Testi’s Detailed Review”

  1. bycostello says:

    Love my TT1 & 5s.. makes working your flash so simple, no press this hold that… couple of flicks of a switch and with the AC3 i can cntrol each group from teh camera, no putting flash stands up and down to reach…

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