East Coast Super Shoot

For the past three years, our local ski resort, Stowe, has hosted the East Coast Super Shoot, a photo competition for ski/snowboard photographers, which took place last weekend and is co-sponsored by PocketWizard. Five photographers are selected from portfolio submissions and teamed with a skier and snowboarder and given two days to shoot like mad. At the end, they presented slideshows in the brand new Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center in front of an audience of a couple hundred people and three judges. The overall winner received $1000 cash and a photo shoot assignment by the main sponsor, Orage ski clothing.

You can make your voice heard by checking out the SmugMug PocketWizard Gallery. Take a look at the range of images and let us know your favorites. Here’s just one of many images you can vote for.

This year they added a night shoot to the competition at Stowe’s main terrain park and PocketWizard showed up with bags of radios and extra flashes for the five finalists. Not only were we there to help them make great photos for their slideshows, but we also challenged them to present us with their best shot from the evening for the opportunity to win a complete set of PocketWizard gear.

For a behind the scenes look at the action, check out the video:

Of the five enthusiastic amateur photographers, two had never shot with flash before. The others had done mostly on-camera flash so getting the flash off-camera was something new to most of them. Although this makes the playing field pretty level, it also means you need gear that is simple to use.

Each competitor received a loaner set of the new ControlTL radios including the MiniTT1, FlexTT5, and PowerST4 for Elinchrom to use for the evening. We also tossed in an AC3 ZoneController. We brought some extra speedlights for both Canon and Nikon (there were 3 Canon and 2 Nikon shooters) and an Elinchrom Ranger RX Speed AS they could spend some time with. We also found some gels in the forgotten pockets of our gear bags. They had three hours to make as many pictures they could before we shut the lights off at 8pm.

[powerpress image=”http://blog.pocketwizard.com/podcasts/east-coast-super-shoot.jpg”]

Now it’s your turn to vote on the best image from the night. We’ve teamed up with SmugMug.com for a new gallery where you can view and hit the Facebook “Like” under the image you think is the best. The photographer with the image which gets the most “Likes” wins a complete set of PocketWizard ControlTL radios and a chance to come back later this year and show us what they’ve done with them. Voting ends March 29th at 4pm EST.

Go to the SmugMug PocketWizard Gallery here and see what you “Like.”

The finalists this year were Adam Baisley, Christian Schumacher, Greg Petrics, Bobby Sudekum, and Jason Guild.

Special thanks to our video team, Nick Stefani and Matt Richardson from Bear Pond Productions. Also thanks to the crew at Stowe Mountain Resort for hosting the event.

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