LPA Design’s New Home

For years, the team of developers and engineers at LPA Design, the company behind the PocketWizard brand of photo products, lived in a growing maze of offices on the second floor of a small strip mall. The sound of doors banging shut as people moved about was continuous. This was not a space outsiders were invited to and the few who did visit over the years were left mostly with a memory of the smell of the sandwich shop below. It was time for a move.

LPA’s new home in South Burlington, Vermont.

Last September the boxes were packed and moved five miles across town to a new space twice the size of the old with a good chunk of space reserved for an on-site studio. As company president Tim Neiley described it, “We kind of exploded out of the old space, didn’t we!”

We took advantage of the financial crisis by buying a lot of office furniture from a collapsed international banking firm to fit out the new space. It took a few months to fully unpack and get comfortable and even longer to get the studio space into a presentable condition. Upon fully settling in there was only one thing left to do – throw a party.

The new studio is also a great party space. Who knew?

After a couple months of procrastination and a couple weeks of hard work to spruce the space up, we threw open the doors to our local photographic community and friends of the company on April 27th for a grand Open House celebration.

The company president says a few words.

One hundred and forty people stopped by for a tour of the new building. It was an opportunity for us to get to know the local photographers better and for them to get to know the people behind the products they trust for their remote lighting/camera control. Everyone found the product archive, which included the first PocketWizard, and earlier FlashWizard products, fascinating. Most found their way into the PocketWizard powered self-serve photo booth and tried some of the latest products in the studio using a loaned Aprilia motorcycle for a prop (of which staff tech Ian later did a full photo shoot of, results to be posted here soon). It was a great evening for everyone.

The new office has really been a boost for the company giving us the space and resources we need to keep pushing our technology forward. There are several projects in the works that we think you’ll be pretty excited about in the future. Stay tuned.

Why do photographers go a little nuts when the camera is pointed at them?

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One Response to “LPA Design’s New Home”

  1. Mike says:

    Great stuff, keep the great work going…

    Just can’t wait that my Sekonic work with your great stuff.

    Long success to you!