Video 4 of 4 – How-to: Using your Nikon SU-800 as a Master Controller

In the fourth and last episode of Mark Wallace’s latest round of demos, check out this video on how to use a Nikon SU-800 Wireless Speedlight Commander as the master controller for all your flash needs.

Wallace pairs up the SU-800 units with PocketWizard FlexTT5, and goes into detail on the settings of both for optimal flash results.

For more of Wallace’s work, check out his site.

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2 Responses to “Video 4 of 4 – How-to: Using your Nikon SU-800 as a Master Controller”

  1. William says:

    Great video, but I missed something – what’s the real difference between using the AC3 and an SU-800?

    • admin says:

      Size, weight and cost.

      Nikon makes excellent flash accessories. If you already have the SU-800, adding it to the new PocketWizard system simply makes it work better with greater working range, outdoor operation and power savings. A plus for the SU-800 has got to be the AF Illuminator. If you are new to remote flash control and don’t have an SU-800, take a look a the AC3. You will be happy you did. The PocketWizard story starts with Nikon and Canon flashes. Stay tuned for the upcoming video for the AC-9, PowerST4 and MC-2 for studio flashes. This is just the beginning.