Rick Friedman’s Location Lighting Workshops

Photojournalist Rick Friedman has been shooting the photos which show us what’s going on around the world for over thirty years. He has had his worked placed in top publications internationally and been responsible for more than 75 book and periodical covers.

Largely known for his lighting techniques executed on location, Friedman is currently undertaking his aptly named Location Lighting Workshop tour. With over 1000 satisfied attendees in the past year alone, this one-day workshop promises to showcase new ways of working with speedlights and PocketWizard radio triggers. He will instruct using both Nikon and Canon systems. Upcoming dates include:

  • August 22nd & 23rd Calumet, Philadelphia, PA.
  • September 12th & 13th Pocket Wizard, Burlington, VT.
  • September 19th & 20th LensProtoGo Concord, MA. Call 877.578.4777 to register.
  • September 30th & October 1st Calumet, Chicago, IL.
  • October 8th & 9th Midwest Photo Exchange Columbus OH. Call 614.261.1264 to register.
  • October 26-29 PhotoPlus New York.
  • December 12th & 13th Calumet, San Francisco.
  • December 16th & 17th Calumet, LA.

From the official description of the Location Lighting Workshops:

The class explores different ways to achieve the lighting effect you desire for your images. You will learn how to create awesome light with one speedlight and progress to multiple light situations, balancing available light with strobes and mixing speed lights with studio strobes. We will work with infrared transmitters and Pocket Wizards as well as softboxes, grid spots and other light modifiers. You will be guided in color balances, color correction, cross filtering as well as adding and controlling color when capturing your images.

Learn more about Friedman’s photojournalism at his site, his blog and his wedding photography site.

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