The Girls’ Skate Book

Julian Bleecker’s book project, The Girls’ Skate Book is indeed what the title suggests: photos of women in the world of skateboarding. Bleecker has published a blog post about his use of PocketWizard technology on this book.

Screen shot from blog story by Julian Bleecker. ©Julian Bleecker

Using a combination of PocketWizard MiniTT1 units, FlexTT5 units and the new AC3 Zone Controller, these images capture young women in air-grabbing action for a book of their own—no skater boys allowed. Bleecker concludes near the end of his post, “High-speed sync? This is the future already.”

A custom lighting solution rigged by Bleecker. ©Julian Bleecker

Can’t wait to see the book when it’s released, Julian! We’re betting many of our readers will feel the same way when they see these gorgeous images in print.

Julian Bleecker on Flickr

The Girl’s Skate Book

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3 Responses to “The Girls’ Skate Book”

  1. Mike says:

    High speed synch is great ! keep it up!

  2. High Speed sync with Nikon … I didn’t think that was possible – I have SB800 and the Flex TT5 with latest firmware and it won’t work for me.

  3. Jazz Guy says:

    I was able to get it to work with a D3s and an SB900 using the TT5. I only played with it a couple of times because I really don’t do any work that requires it, but it appeared to work fine.