PocketWizard and Red Bull Sports Photographers

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PocketWizard Products Provide the Latest in Wireless Flash Technology to Red Bull Sports Photographers

Photographers and images to be regularly featured on PocketWizard.com, the PocketWizard Blog and the Red Bull Content Pool

So. Burlington, VT – August 18, 2011 – LPA Design, maker of PocketWizard radios, the world leader in wireless control and synchronization of cameras, flash lighting and light meters, announces today they will provide the latest PocketWizard wireless flash products featuring HyperSync technology to professional photographers working for Red Bull’s worldwide marketing campaigns.

Matthias Dandois in action at the Marina Barrage, Singapore, 7th August 2011

Red Bull has consistently paired top athletes with savvy photographers to generate great action sports photography and then made those images available to international media through the Red Bull Content Pool. And, reliable PocketWizard radios are already used for many of the images these photographers produce, for both remote camera and off-camera lighting. Now, using the PocketWizard MiniTT1, FlexTT5, and AC3 ZoneController and the latest PocketWizard wireless triggering systems technology, HyperSync Automation, these photographers will be able to produce never-before-possible images to establish even higher standards in action sports photography.

“LPA Design (manufacturer of PocketWizard products) was excited when Red Bull approached us to work cooperatively with their top Photofiles’ Photographers from around the world to make sure they have the best gear possible to continue producing the best in action sports photography,” said Dave Schmidt, LPA Designs VP of Marketing. “Working with Red Bull and their Photofiles’ photographers is a perfect match for PocketWizard radios as we expand our global reach. We can’t wait to see the images these photographers create using our latest hardware, software and system solutions to push the boundaries of sports photography with proprietary features like HyperSyncTM.”

Markus Berger, Manager of Red Bull’s Photofiles concurs, “Our photographers need to use the best gear available to capture images that really define the cutting edge sports. Using PocketWizard radios was something most of them already did. Now we’re just making sure they have the latest products available even as new capabilities are developed.”

These photographers and their images will be a regular feature on PocketWizard.com and the PocketWizard blog as well as featured in Red Bull’s behind-the-scenes videos. All the images in the Red Bull Content Pool as well as stories behind the photos and more can be found at www.redbull-photofiles.com.

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