PocketWizard Top Ten FAQ

Our TOP TEN most asked simple questions.

It’s understandable you might get into a situation while working with the MiniTT1® and FlexTT5® and today’s complex camera systems where you’re not sure why something isn’t working as you would expect it. Most of the time, there is a simple solution. We asked our tech support crew to give us the “Top Ten” questions consumers asked to keep their system working properly. Here they are

1. Q: Nothing is working! What should I do?

A: Try these steps:

  1. Check the batteries: weak batteries can cause strange behavior.
  2. Make sure all radios (and cameras and speedlights) are updated to the latest firmware. Try our beta firmware as it often has new fixes ready to be tried.
  3. Factory Reset the radios.
  4. Take your first shot at 1/125th so the system can properly calibrate timing.
  5. Wait about 3 seconds after turning on your radio before taking your first picture.
  6. Take your time! Whenever possible, compose the image with the shutter release half-pressed before taking the picture.
  7. Save your camera’s custom functions, reset the camera, then start adding them back in one at a time.


2. Q: In what order should I turn things on?

A: Top down: Flash, then radio, then camera. Wait 2-3 seconds between each step. Older Quick Guides may have this slightly different, but top down works for all current radios and firmware.


3. Q: My Nikon camera won’t let me choose a shutter speed faster than x-sync. How can I shoot at faster shutter speeds?

A: Nikon cameras require that FP-sync is enabled to shoot faster than x-sync if they detect a TTL-capable device in their hot shoe. Enabling FP-sync is done in the Custom Settings menu. Set “e1 flash sync speed” to 1/250s (Auto FP).

4. Q: The ISO on my remote Nikon Speedlight is stuck at 200. What’s wrong?

A: It isn’t required for TTL operation on the remote flash and has no effect on exposure so the radios do not transmit camera setting information like ISO to remote flashes.


5. Q: I set my speedlight to MASTER and stuck it on a remote FlexTT5. Why won’t it control other flashes when I have a MiniTT1 or FlexTT5 on my camera?

A: The ControlTL® system, just like Nikon and Canon native systems, expects the MASTER speedlight to be only at the camera position so “Remote MASTER” operation is not supported. You need a receiving FlexTT5 for each remote speedlight.


6. Q: My remote speedlights don’t change their zoom when I zoom the lens on my camera. What’s wrong?

A: Zoom tracking is a feature for on-camera flash and would cause some lighting issues if done on remotes. Nikon and Canon native systems do not have zoom tracking for remote or slave flashes either.


7. Q: How can I trigger a FlexTT5 from a PocketWizard module-equipped Sekonic meter?

A: This PW TV episode explains it all: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOOq3sX6Ki4

7b. Q: Will you ever have ControlTL in a Sekonic meter?

A: A module with the ControlTL channels is being developed. We do not have a release date for it at this time.


8. Q: What cable do I need?

A: You can use the Cable Finder at PocketWizard.com to find the right cable for lots of different cameras and flashes.


9. Q: Can I combine radio and optical so I don’t have to buy as many FlexTT5s? Can I connect more than one speedlight to a single FlexTT5?

A: Currently you need to have one FlexTT5 for each speedlight you want to control via radio.


10. Q: Is “xxxxxxx” brand/model flash compatible with your radios?

A: Some third party flashes are compatible with our radios – you can read more about our radios compatibility on their respective product pages (FlexTT5 for Canon, FlexTT5 for Nikon). Also, almost any flash can be used in Basic Trigger Mode for simple triggering operation.

Still have a question? See a list of our worldwide distributors, contact us by email, or visit the PocketWizard Wiki.

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8 Responses to “PocketWizard Top Ten FAQ”

  1. duncan says:

    The interface shown is not the same as the version I have. However it still will not fire my Sekonic L608 with RT32 after testing this. Any suggestions?

    • admin says:

      The PocketWizard Utility software is actually a part of the Mini and Flex radio firmware. The look and features have changed several times since this information was posted. However the basic upgrade methods are the same. We are expecting a big upgrade soon which will again improve the look and feel of the software screen and add new and important features to the radios. We expect the software screen to be consistent for a while after that and will upgrade the screens and information on the PocketWizard Web site at that time.

  2. Warren Haraki says:

    Saw this item ..

    2. Q: In what order should I turn things on?

    A: Top down: Flash, then radio, then camera. Wait 2-3 seconds between each step. Older Quick Guides may have this slightly different, but top down works for all current radios and firmware.

    There is mention of one one radio; don’t you need two with one each connected to camera and flash? So, flash on, flash/radio on, camera on, camera/radio on?

    • admin says:

      If you are using multiple flashes and FlexTT5s, simply switch on the Remote Flash then the Flex it is attached to at each position. Then switch on the Mini or Flex in the camera shoe and then the camera. This sequence enables the camera to smoothly contact the remote flash as the camera computer “wakes up” when the camera is turned on.

  3. Ok , can the mini and flex work with Quantum TD5 ? Just askin

    • admin says:

      The MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 cannot be used for TTL flash control with Quantum flashes. You could use them as basic triggers with the Quantum in the hotshoe of the FlexTT5. You will need to set the FlexTT5 to Basic Trigger mode and select a Standard receiving channel to do this. Check PW Tutorials and PWTV for more information.

  4. dima says:

    will AC3 ZoneController work with the Yongnuo Flashs? Can i control these yonguo flashs with AC3? Or your product works only with original flashs of Canon?
    2. I have Canon 5D Mark II and Yongnuo Flashs can i syncronize both of these with MiniTT1-Canon +FlexTT5-Canon manual?

    • admin says:

      The PocketWizard system transmits at 344-354Mhz for FCC units intended for sale in North America; 433Mhz in countries using CE radios. The Yongnuo system uses 2.4GHz which is way above this range. Therefore, there is no possible way for most of these radios to take advantage of PocketWizard’s amazing technology.