Kevin Kubota’s Knockout Bride in Action

Photographer Kevin Kubota has posted an account of a very cool photo shoot he recently completed.

First off, Kubota stresses the good things which can happen when you shoot with a photography buddy. In this case, it’s his friend Benjamin Edwards. He details how the two shooters collaborated by taking turns setting up shots of the bride and groom, Jenah and Matt. Mutual feedback was critical to getting the best shots, and a great lesson can be learned from this paragraph of Kubota’s post alone.

The theme for this photo shoot was fairly easy to arrive at. Jenah, it turns out, is “a national team boxer.” What better idea than to put her in a ring, wearing a bridal gown, and have her knocking out her groom? Awesome concept, and great execution, guys.

©Kevin Kubota

The shoot was accomplished with Nikon D3s cameras and Photoflex Triton flashes triggered with PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 units. Kubota shot the above photo, he writes, “at 1/400th of a second at f/2.8.”  He also gets into the difference between Hypersync and high-speed sync mode. All in all, a great post with some great images. Definitely worth checking out.

©Kevin Kubota

©Kevin Kubota

Along with his blog, you can see more of Kubota’s work at his design site. His imaging tools site can be found here. Watch for his iPad and iPhone apps coming soon.

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