Philipp Schmidli’s Kayak Adventure

When we last checked in with Philipp Schmidli, he was creating inventive remotely-camera photos of bobsleighs in action. Now he’s traded ice for water, and has some great images from a kayak shoot done this summer.

©Philipp Schmidli

Schmidli reports he used the following equipment to make these exciting shots happen:

He shared a couple of behind-the-scenes photos documenting the rig.

©Philipp Schmidli

©Philipp Schmidli

Schmidli’s settings were as follows:

  • Aperture f/5
  • Shutterspeed 1/1000s
  • Lens 8mm
  • Manual Focus

His German-language blog has a post on this shoot, along with some clips. Impressive work, Philipp!

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