Webinar: Real World PocketWizard Oct. 20th, 2011

Title: Real World Off-Camera Flash with PocketWizard
Date: October 20th 2011 @ 1PM EDT

Getting your flash off-camera is one of the most powerful ways to take your portrait photography to the next level. Join host Joe Brady as he shows his favorite techniques for off-camera flash portraiture featuring PocketWizard Radio Triggers. During this live online video seminar Joe will show how to create beautiful environmental and studio portraits using just one or two small flash units. You will get to see the power of TTL photography with the camera systems automatically controlling the exposure.

Joe will share his experiences and techniques using the PocketWizard MiniTT1 and FlexTT5 radio triggers to control off-camera flash for location portraits and wedding photography. Knowing the capabilities as well of the limitations of TTL exposure systems will allow you to get great results with consistency and will allow you to create images that will separate you from the pack.

Join us on October 20, 2011 at 1:00pm (EDT) for a free one-hour live online seminar, sponsored by PocketWizard and hosted by Joe Brady. You’ll have a front-row seat from the comfort of your home or office as you participate in our interactive streaming-video seminar broadcast in real time.

There is no pre registration required. Just visit this link the day of the Webinar. Please note the link will stream the live video Webinar on October 20th at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

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122 Responses to “Webinar: Real World PocketWizard Oct. 20th, 2011”

  1. Thanks for the invite

  2. Kurt F says:

    Terrific, now how do we join/register for the webinar?

  3. Claes Rudbeck says:


  4. Luke O'Neill says:

    Thank you for the invite. I love all of Joe Brady’s instructional videos, so I’m disappointed that I will not be able to attend the live broadcast. Will the session be taped and available for viewing at a later time?

    With fingers crossed,

    Brilliant Light Studios
    Gloucester, MA

  5. There is no link or place to register on this page.

  6. I have an appointment at this time, but would like a link to the recorded version of the seminar if it will be available in this format. Thank you!

  7. Richard says:

    looking forward to it!

  8. Phillip Richman says:

    register/confirm reservation.

  9. Robert Card says:

    I’ve considered the Pocket Wizard, so am looking forward the the webinar.

  10. I would like to join the online seminar.

    Thank you,
    Dennis Goldberg
    Acme Video & Photography


  11. Erik Cardenas says:

    I like to learn to take photos off flash camera

  12. FG says:

    What above link
    You don’t show an above link

  13. Steve Koshlap says:

    Great! Do I need to register, or just log in at the scheduled time?

  14. Look forward to the seminar.

  15. Brian Leng says:

    Won’t be able to attend. Will there be a on-line video of the session that I can access after the presentation? Or will there be another time when the program will be repeated?

  16. I do not see the registration link for the Real World Off-Camera Flash with PocketWizard webinar. How do I get in on the 20th?

  17. Heather says:

    Really want to see this, but have to pick up my son from preschool at that time. Have been thinking about purchasing some pocketwizards and I know this webinar would be helpful. Will there be a permanent link to it afterwards so I can access and view later that night?


  18. Is there a website I can look at before this show?

  19. I’ll be there. Thanks.

  20. Glenn Dickey says:

    Just what I’m looking for, would be very interested in watching this. Am in the market for something like this.

    Thank you
    Glenn Dickey

  21. I would like to register for the free one-hour live online seminar on October 20th with Joe Brady.

  22. Angela says:

    Looking forward to it!

  23. Theraid100 says:

    … outdoor flash sync speed…?

  24. rayross says:

    will join you

  25. Shelia Earl says:

    Very excited about this webinar. Thanks so much.

  26. Shelia Earl says:

    For some reason my first comment wouldn’t post. I am trying to sign up for this webinar. Thanks.

  27. If you can not make it for the live seminar will you be able to see it after?

  28. Ken Burrill says:

    I’ve got both the PocketWizard MiniTT1 & FlexTT5 and would love to join the seminar as I need to obtain as much knowledge as I can on these devices.

  29. Joe Robbins says:

    So how do I register for the webinar

  30. wendy says:

    would like to join in

  31. wendy koert says:

    Would like to join in.

  32. wendy koert says:

    I love Joe Brady.

  33. Chris Telesca says:

    I’d be very interested in taking this class. I am somewhat intimidated by all the different choices I have in wireless radio triggers even from PW.

  34. Robert Bates says:

    Is the webinar scheduled for the 20th available on DVD? I have a senior to shoot at that time.

    • admin says:

      We will not be offering this Webinar on DVD. It will be available for viewing online after it is recorded.

  35. Mel says:

    I have an appointment at this time, but would like a link to the recorded version of the seminar if it will be available in this format. Thank you!

  36. karl says:

    I plan on attending.

  37. Anna An says:

    Hope to watch this Radio on time!

  38. Kwajo says:

    My TT5s are still in their original box, this is the motivation I need, Thanks

  39. John says:

    Looks interesting. Thanks!

  40. jack dimaio says:

    I would like to attend, However, I didn’t see a link to register. Is there one??

  41. Will try my best to attend!

  42. Fill says:

    Yes! Thanks for the invite. Always ready to learn more. Been using three of them for six months now and the success rate gets even better with every new upgrade that comes along!

  43. Charith says:

    Looking forward to attending.

  44. Art Simons says:

    Would love to join.

    Please advise how I sign up.

    Art Simons

  45. Frederick Melikian says:

    I’ll be there.

  46. Arthur Williams says:

    Hi Joe,
    I love the webinars. As they are on in the middle of the night will this be archived? I am interested in using these remotes.

  47. Dan Coogan says:

    Looking forward to the webinar.

  48. George says:

    I plan to attend.

  49. richard pool says:

    count me in

  50. susan says:

    I would like to attend but can’t find the link to sign on.

  51. Will this seminar be just as effective for me since I have Plus II Tranceivers?

  52. Larry Blake says:

    Looking forward to learn from your knowledge.


  53. Chuck Borneman says:

    I have been wondering how this little item works and will my flash work with it. Don’t know if it is a wireless unit.

  54. Chuck P says:

    I plan to watch this one.

  55. Thank you for the invite. I assume instructions will be given to log on to the session. Looking forward to the video.

  56. Aaron Pazanti says:

    Thanks for the invite. Looking forward to it.

  57. Michael L says:

    Thanks for the invite, I’ll be there!

  58. M&M says:

    I’ll be there… Tx for the invite!

  59. Clinton Linton says:

    Yes! Will attend.

  60. Ed says:

    Should be interesting as I’ve been thinking about buying. Hope to get my hands on one at the photo expo in NYC next week.

    Consider making registering for the webinars easier. Just incorporate the link button as x-rite photo and others do when assouncing webinars.


  61. Dane says:

    Very interested, please sign me up!

  62. Andrew Smith says:

    I would like to attend

  63. llflan says:

    Will attend. Thanks.

  64. Dave T. says:

    Unfortunately, I have to work my full-time job, but can’t wait to see the seminar after it has been uploaded. I can use all the available info on these devices that I can get. Thanks.

  65. Cheryl Davis says:

    There’s no way to RSVP on your website. How do I join the webinar?

  66. JIM says:

    Where is the link for my invitation?

  67. JIM says:

    I’m will be looking for my link.

  68. Michael Altheim says:

    Looking foward to learn

  69. John Araujo says:

    Thank you for your invitation, i’ll join the seminar.

  70. I like to buy a set of pocket wizard

  71. Mannie says:

    Perfect timing. I just have my TT1 and TT5 few weeks ago.

  72. Lapway says:

    Will attend…..

  73. Michael Hitaffer says:

    Looking forward to being there

  74. Azman says:

    Pls send me an invite or link to register for this webinar

  75. Hector says:

    Thanks for the invite

  76. Jorge says:

    Sounds interesting.

  77. Clive M Fox says:

    0300hrs here in Australia, looking forward to it

  78. Fay says:

    Thanks! Look forward to it.

  79. Chris Perera says:

    I am sure, we can learn more on pocketWizards, and their performances and the usabilities on different types of Strobes/Models. I am still trying to get hold on using MiniTT1 and FlexTT5’s along with Plus II’s for Flash Syncs on
    580 EX II . This will be a great lesson for me and looking forward it. A Big Thank You.

  80. Tere Ireys says:

    Thanks….I’m there!

  81. Alan G says:

    Thanks for invite.I really look forward to watching this.If i should miss it will the recorded link be posted to me please.

  82. Ken G says:

    Thanks for the invitation. I try never to miss a learning opportunity.

  83. Mark says:

    Thanks for the invite, looking forward to it.

  84. Terry Benson says:

    Thanks, I look forward to the webinar.

  85. I’m looking forward to the webinar and can’t wait to get my hands on my first PocketWizard.

  86. ALfredo says:

    Tks for the invitation

  87. Brian Keenndy says:

    Looking forward to it!

  88. Bill Graam says:

    Thanks for the invitation, looking forward to the webinar.

  89. Missed the webinar. Anywhere to see the recorded webinar?

  90. Dusty says:

    When will the recorded version be ready for viewing? I wash stuck in a meeting and did not get to see it live.

  91. Kevin says:

    Were the pictures posted from the webinar and if so where can I find them? Thanks.

  92. Patrick says:

    Where will the pictures from today be for viewing of the results?

  93. Mike wilson says:

    Where can I find the archived webinar?