Chris Garrison’s Broken Mirror

We’ve previously featured sports photographer Chris Garrison several times on the PocketWizard blog. On Alliance Wakeboard’s site he recently documented a shoot he did with Nate Perry. Garrison had an idea for a shot he wanted to get, which Perry describes in the post as “[not] too hard. It was just a cab 180 nose press, early pass back backside 180 out.” Sounds simple, right?

To capture this shot, Garrison used a Nikon D2x, Elinchrom Ranger heads and packs, and tied it all together with a PocketWizard FlexTT5 and PowerST4 units. He points out that he used HyperSync technology to help him shooting in the harsh, flat light of 12 noon. Garrison has written about HyperSync previously.

Garrison also did some experimentation with a broken mirror he found on the side of the road. Is there nothing this photographer won’t try? Don’t miss all the details at the full post.

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