Joe McNally’s PocketWizard Plus® III Review

Joe McNally BlogPhotographer Joe McNally posted his thoughts on the new PocketWizard Plus® III radio triggers. Detailing a test shoot he did with a car able to achieve speeds of 280 miles per hour, McNally mounted cameras and Plus III units outside the vehicle.

He also extended the signal by placing two units down the track in RP, or Repeater Mode. This effectively allowed him to control the cameras from a great distance away as the vehicle raced across the desert floor. McNally estimates his furthest repeater unit was set up approximately 800 feet away. He writes:

“The PW [Plus] IIIs I had performed like a champ, even though they are not production line units, and they all were short of final firmware, which might have affected their working distance.”

Check out McNally himself explaining the shoot in detail in the following video.

Don’t forget to read the entire post to see the images and get all details on McNally’s experimentation with the new Plus III. The video can also be seen on YouTube and Vimeo. Thanks for a great job, Joe!

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