Strobist’s PocketWizard Plus III Review

StrobistThe off-camera lighting resource Strobist has weighed in with a thorough review on the new PocketWizard Plus® III radio triggers.

In the piece, David Hobby writes about his long desire to see just such a product from PocketWizard. He covers many of the new features which make up the Plus III, including the 32 channels, redesigned antenna, and a breakdown of the modes.

Strobist also put a few PocketWizard Plus III units to work on test shoots outdoors. At a field complex, Hobby set up an AB800, walked over 1000 feet away, and began shooting. At over three football fields distant, he had “zero misfires. This thing is scary robust,” Hobby writes.

This would not be a Strobist post without the wit and prognostications Hobby is known for. In closing, he writes, “…the reality is, the PocketWizard Plus III is a game changer which will be very disruptive even to the second-tier remote markets. Their loss, our gain.”

Thanks for the testing and your continued efforts, David. Shooters everywhere continue to thank you.

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