VIDEO: Fstoppers Review of the PocketWizard Plus III

The talented guys at Fstoppers are at it again, and have created a great video of their experience with the new PocketWizard Plus III radio triggers.

Not only does the video break down the important new features of the Plus III, but the guys did a serious amount of testing in a shoot with an athletic model, taking full advantage of the Plus III’s four subgroups to control different lighting rigs.

A second test shoot breaks down the use of Auto Relay Mode, documenting a fashion model being photographed beneath a bridge with multiple lights at various distances.

Fstoppers has put together a great page of resources on the Plus III, including their video, photos from both shoots, a written review, and shots of the triggers themselves. Don’t miss this robust review with real world production demonstrations.

You can also see Fstoppers’ full video on YouTube¬†and Vimeo. Awesome job on this comprehensive resource, guys!

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