In-house Lighting at PocketWizard

Local Vermont television station WCAX is doing a four part series on photography in in the state.  The fourth episode in their series features PocketWizard and should air today during the local news. We put together something to show WCAX the kind of photography possible with PocketWizard gear.

©Chris Valites

Chris Valites, a Technical Support Specialist at LPA, manufacturers of PocketWizard, used this beautiful green motorcycle belonging to another LPA employee. He set the shot up and created the two images in this post.

What follows is Chris describing the images and the shoot in his own words.

“Our local TV station, WCAX, was coming in to do a story on PocketWizard. I was asked to ‘set up something cool’ in the studio. Given one of my coworkers has a motorcycle, and I had just cleaned up the studio, I figured what would be better than a shiny bike to light? I ended up using thirteen lights total for this shot. Lighting every surface on its own gave me the ability to control the intensity of the light on any given surface. Using the PocketWizard AC3 ZoneController with two Elinchrom Ranger S-heads via Ranger AS Speed packs on boom arms in Zone A, two White Lightning X3200s in Strip Banks in Zone B, and the Einstein E640 in Zone C, I was able to control the power level of the flashes providing the main sources of illumination directly from the camera. I then used the older Speedotron heads, speedlites, and other lights to selectively highlight the areas of interest on the bike like the wheels, the engine, radiator, etc.  I was pretty happy with the results and WCAX was impressed with our set-up.”

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2 Responses to “In-house Lighting at PocketWizard”

  1. Steve Korn says:

    Great job, Chris!

  2. Ron Hoague says:

    Just watched the piece on WCAX and it was very well done. Glad to see a spotlight on a Vermont company who is at the forefront of their field. I own pocket wizards and they are top notch!