What’s in Travis Lawton’s Bag?

The PhotoblographerThe Phoblographer published two posts of what may be a continuing series entitled What’s in My Bag. Initially, they featured photographer Travis Lawton.

Lawton takes the time to break down, in detail, the gear he packs into his big Lowepro Pack 350 AW. From his Canon EOS 5D Mark II to his accessories such as gaffers tape, it’s all here. Gear heads will love this post, along with the comments others have left at the bottom.

One of the other goodies Lawton packs in his bag are three PocketWizard Plus II radio triggers. “PocketWizard is still the reigning champ and has been for some time,” he writes. “These are what most pros use for reliability and performance.”

We love the What’s in My Bag feature, and hope The Phoblographer continues it in earnest. Photographers love gear, and what better way to learn about gear than to read what other shooters carry and use? Great job!

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