PocketWizard Plus III Review

photo.netJeff Spirer has written an in-depth review of the PocketWizard Plus III on This substantial review includes sections on setup, features, batteries, applications, use, and a summary.

Some of our favorite, cherry-picked quotes include, “the PocketWizard Plus III is incredibly easy to use,” “everything works,” and this gem, “If you are going to need a remote camera, this is no-brainer, it’s a great solution for sports and nature shooters. It has great range, up to 500 meters, and multiple cameras can be easily controlled. A flash can be controlled from the receiving camera as well.”

Spirer summarizes, in part,

My testing showed these to be easy to use and full featured radio slaves. They work exactly as they are supposed to and will be a terrific addition for the photographer who needs them, and they are less expensive than their predecessors. For multiple camera setups they are invaluable, and for complex flash setups, they fill the bill.

The entire review is worth a read. It contains many photos Spirer took while testing the Plus III units. A San Fancisco-based photographer, you can see Spirer’s photography at his site.

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