The MultiMAX in Multiuser Environments

PocketWizard WikiIf you don’t know about it, PocketWizard has a very handy Wiki available for free. A tremendous source of knowledge, here’s just one page worth checking out, especially if you’ll be shooting at an event where many other folks will be using PocketWizards, too.

The Olympics in London this year promise to be one such event: hundreds of photographers fighting for great shots, the airwaves jammed with shooters’ radio triggers vying for clear frequencies.

Whether you’re shooting a wedding with one or two other photographers also using off-camera flash and remote camera triggering, or if you’re in London this summer trying to win a Pulitzer for sports coverage, the PocketWizard Wiki could save you a lot of headaches. Knowledge is good. Enjoy, and check back, as this page is slated to be updated continually.

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