The Plus II is Still a Scream!

We love seeing people use PocketWizard technology in unanticipated applications. The following is one which made us smile.

Jakob Schiller has written a fascinating story for Wired on photographer Billy Hunt. For a series of portraits, Hunt felt he wanted to shake up his subjects, getting them to step outside their usual poses when getting their portraits taken. He used audio to make this happen, bringing a new dimension to the silent art of photography.

Hunt had a karaoke boom box wired so when a certain volume level is hit, a PocketWizard Plus II is signaled, which then triggers a camera, creating a portrait of a person screaming.

Schiller’s article also includes a strange, two-minute video of people screaming for Hunt in slow motion. Be sure to read the full article, and also check out Billy Hunt’s portfolio on his site.

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