Tyler Brown’s Bike Rig

Tyler Brown is taking a photo a day for 366 days in order to improve his off-camera flash skills and he’s not shying away from trying anything! He’s tried his hand at product photography, self-portrait, freezing motion and plenty more and he’s still got over 150 days to go. Here’s his account of Day 179 – The Bike Rig.

The Bike Rig, ©2012 Tyler Brown.

The inspiration for The Bike Rig shot comes from my life long love of bicycles. I had planned this shot out in my head many months before I even owned all the gear I needed to make it.

The goal of my 366 photo project has been to get out everyday with my flashes and PocketWizard radios and really build my off-camera flash skills. I wanted to make this shot because of the unique positioning of the camera. It is my goal to be different and creative and not simply recreate the shots of other photographers.

The setup, ©2012 Tyler Brown.

The combination of the D70S’s electronic shutter lets me to use my PocketWizard Plus II’s at higher speeds like 1/1000th of a second. This allowed me to really knock down the ambient light and give me the contrast I was looking for. To mount the camera and the flash, I used two Manfrotto Bogan Super Clamps. The camera was clamped to the down tube with a Manfrotto Ball Head, and my Nikon SB-26 was clamped to the right handle bar to fill in my shot which was back lit from the afternoon sun.

Lighting diagram, ©2012 Tyler Brown.

This shot would not have been possible if it was not for the electronic shutter which allows me to sync at any shutter speed of the D70s when using Plus II radio triggers for wireless flash. I use my PocketWizard Plus II units everyday and I hope to add a few Plus III units to my camera bag in the near future.

We love it when PocketWizard radios help photographers get creative with their work. See how Tyler’s doing on his 366 project on his blog or on flickr.

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