Eric Rolph Balances Flash with the Sun

Photographer Eric Rolph knows what it takes to get a great beach shot. He’s based in Maui, after all.

There’s few things more beautiful than a sunset on the beach in Hawaii, but photographing in such an environment can be tricky. Lighting conditions are volatile, using flash with daylight is a delicate operation, and to confound it all, salt and sand can be very unforgiving to your gear.

Eric needs to pack minimally, despite the challenging conditions, and depends on PocketWizard Plus II radio triggers to help him do that. No dragging around cables in the sand or blowing in the breeze.

To see Eric’s tips and tricks, including a lighting diagram, read the full article on Pop Photo and to see more of his work, visit


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One Response to “Eric Rolph Balances Flash with the Sun”

  1. Neil Kemp says:

    Great article. Thanks for the link.