Moose Peterson on the PocketWizard Plus III

For someone who works in nature, where each environment has unique challenges, versatility is important. That’s why wildlife photographer Moose Peterson loves the PocketWizard Plus III.

Peterson wrote a quick post about his new radio triggers on his blog. He writes, “Be it for camera or flash remotes, I can’t recommend these enough to you!”

Read his post on his blog and take a look at his wildlife images.

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4 Responses to “Moose Peterson on the PocketWizard Plus III”

  1. Yair Haim says:

    I love Pocketwizard!!! I haven’t tried the Plus III but I trust it’s great like all the rest.

  2. Angus Thomas says:

    We’re looking forward to getting hold of these. We teach our students on PWII’s at on our flash photography courses and have been amazed at the consistently great results – cant wait

  3. Scott Harms says:

    Question : Does the Plus III > FOCUS your lens (Nikkor 24-70mm zoom), while your camera (D3) is in a remote position ??

    Scott Harms

    • Ron Egatz says:

      If the remote camera is connected to the Plus III with a ACC-style cable, 802-452 in your case, pressing the TEST button on the Plus III in your hand ½ way down to see a “half circle” on the Plus III screen will wake up the remote camera and if it the camera is set to AF and AE at half button press on the camera, will cause the camera to focus and establish exposure. Pressing all the way down on the TEST button will release the remote camera shutter. This works just as if you were holding the remote camera and pressing the shutter button half way to focus and all the way to shoot.