VIDEO: Bob Carey’s Tutu Project Self-Portraits

We’re very happy to share our short film featuring Bob Carey and the Tutu Project. This past year the Tutu Project has been featured in segments on CNN, The Today Show, Inside Edition, and countless other major media outlets. Few professional photographers have enjoyed the level of mainstream exposure Carey’s work has received.

A commercial photographer from Arizona with decades of experience, Carey’s wife Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago. A self-portrait enthusiast who had previously transformed himself in several series of artistic images, Carey eventually began photographing himself in a pink tutu. Linda shared the images with her fellow patients while they were receiving treatment. Soon the Tutu Project was born, and all proceeds go to the Carey Foundation, which provides transportation, meals, and other daily needs to women undergoing breast cancer treatment. Images from the Tutu Project have been collected in the book Ballerina, published September, 2012.

Carey uses PocketWizard Plus III radios to execute his self-portraits taken on location around the United States. Stay tuned for a feature article on Carey’s career, gear, the Tutu Project, and more to be published on the PocketWizard blog.

Images and prints from the Tutu Project can be found at the Tutu Project site. Ballerina, other Tutu Project gear, and donation information can be found here. Bob Carey’s photography can be seen at his site. You can also see the video on Vimeo and YouTube.


All images and quotes in this post are used with permission and ©Bob Carey, all rights reserved. Video is ©PocketWizard, written and directed by Ron Egatz. Story is ©PocketWizard. Please respect and support photographers’ rights. Feel free to link to this blog post, but please do not replicate or re-post elsewhere without written permission.

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