A Day in the Life of a MultiMAX in Africa

©Jeff Neu & Dana Allen of PhotoSafari

Dana Allen, Managing Director of PhotoSafari contacted us with an interesting story about some recent close encounters he and his coworker Jeff Neu had on the job on the Busanga Plains of Zambia. Being photo pros, this team knows what they’re doing and how to photograph the local wildlife. No one, though, was prepared for what this beautiful female lion was interested in doing with the camera gear.

©Jeff Neu & Dana Allen of PhotoSafari

In the above photo, we see the lioness approaching the remotely-triggered Nikon D4 housed in a Pelican Case. Don’t worry. Dana and Jeff were not harmed, as the photo was grabbed via a PocketWizard MultiMAX which remotely triggered the D4.

©Jeff Neu & Dana Allen of PhotoSafari

As Dana explained to us:

We had set up a low level camera to get some different shots of the big game in the region. To our surprise, this lioness showed keen interest in the camera and picked the entire rig up by holding on to the antenna of your remote. By the time we were able to recover the box, the remote had sustained considerable damage… but to our surprise, continued to work, even after being chewed for several minutes by the lioness. Great product. Looking forward to the extended range update so we can position it inside the box next time!

©Jeff Neu & Dana Allen of PhotoSafari

The lioness picked up the entire camera, housing, and wooden mounting board by the MultiMAX. Despite the damage by those incisors, the radio continued working.

©Jeff Neu & Dana Allen of PhotoSafari

Thanks to Dana for sharing this story with us. Stay safe and keep up the great photography!

To learn about photographic opportunities in Africa via PhotoSafari visit their site, or email them.


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    I love the photos, wonderful!!!