VIDEO: Moshe Zusman on Perfect Light

The talented and always-wonderful Moshe Zusman recently gave a lecture at B&H’s Event Space, demonstrating how to get perfect wedding shots, no matter what kind of lights you have or your location.

In order to get well-lit, white balanced subjects, Moshe recommends setting up a number of color-balancing gelled strobes that compliment the location’s lighting, high on light stands above the room. His assistants, he says, can set this up in six minutes.

Integral to this setup are his PocketWizard Plus III’s, which he says are his “absolute favorite products.” Aside from their 800′ range, Moshe loves them for their consistency. He says, “I’ve never had a PocketWizard that didn’t trigger. I’m not trying to sell you PocketWizard, there’s other Chinese and Japanese brands that, you know, will work, but I like consistency. It’s the only system I trust to have 100% consistency wherever I go and whatever the environment is. It’s full line of products are always compatible with any piece I have, so it makes it a very integral part of my setups.”

Here’s what Zusman had to say about the rest of his gear and settings.

The perfect light for any location portraits with manual flash such as speed lights or Q-Flash are always triggered with an on-camera PocketWizard radio and one on the flash unit. I currently use both PocketWizard MultiMAX triggers and the Plus III.

For night shots, I set my flash to 1/32 to start. On camera I start with f/3.5. I usually don’t feel I need to completely blur the background. With shutter speed, 1/60 is a good, safe start. ISO I set to 1000 or more. After a test shot or two, I either slow the shutter, boost the ISO, or, if needed, open the aperture and/or increase flash power.

For more Moshe, see our profile of him and head over to his site, Moshe Zusman Photography Studio. If you’re ready to get some hands on training, consider signing up for one of his workshops.


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