Chris Crisman’s Heroes of Conservation, Part 1

Chris Crisman - Eddie Guerra

© Chris Crisman 2012

Photographer Chris Crisman is known for his environmental portraiture, so he was a natural choice for Field and Stream’s annual Heroes of Conservation project. The goal of the project is to profile and recognize outdoorsmen and women who “embody the spirit of conservation.”

For the first part of what is to be a three-part series documenting some of the shoots from the project, Chris travels to North Carolina to meet and photograph Eddie Bridges, the founder of the North Carolina Wildlife Habitat Foundation.

He writes, “For the first shot  we took advantage of the low morning sunlight coming through the trees, using it as a natural back-light for Eddie. We wanted to supplement the beautiful natural light with just a little bit of a key, so Chris and I setup a 52” octabank to add some shaping light onto the left side of our subject’s face. We were running about 250 w/s out of the octabank, powered by a Dynalite power pack synced wirelessly to our camera via a Pocketwizard Plus III.”

This adds just a sliver of shaping light to Eddie’s face. The resulting portrait manages to highlight the beauty of the natural surroundings without diminishing the power of the subject.

Chris Crisman - Behind the scenes

© Chris Crisman 2012

Read the full post on Cris Chrisman’s blog, see more of his work on his portfolio, and connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.


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