VIDEO: Remote camera tips from Sports Shooter Academy

Our very own Ian Ray was on hand at Sports Shooter Academy IX this past April to help participating photographers get the most out of their PocketWizard radios. In this video, he shares three tips to help you maximize your radios’ performance for remote camera triggering.

  1. Get on up. The ground can absorb a lot of your radio signal. If you’re using remote cameras that are placed directly on the field, consider mounting your PocketWizard higher up on a fence or pole.
  2. Loooooong range. If you’re using a Plus® III or MultiMAX®, setting your radio trigger to long range mode can double your operating range.
  3. Make contact. If you’re using a MultiMAX, you can extend the contact time (the time the trigger keeps the electrical contact closed) to allow your motor drive to run longer. Ian recommends using 0.3 seconds, depending on your camera.

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