How to Set Up a Holiday Photo Booth

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The blog has published a story on how to set up a photo booth at your next holiday party. They detail how it can be done on a budget and won’t take up too much valuable partying real estate. suggests using a three light set-up with speedlights — one to act as the key light in an overhead softbox, one pointed down at a white reflector for some fill, and another to light up the background.

Thoughfully, they’ve suggested one good way to make sure you’re not chained to the booth all night long — PocketWizard wireless triggers! Attach a FlexTT5® to your camera and let your guests trigger the whole shebang themselves using a hand-held Plus® II.

For more details, read the post on the Borrowlenses blog. Of course, all the necessary gear can be rented in the Borrowlenses shop. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


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One Response to “How to Set Up a Holiday Photo Booth”

  1. Yair says:

    Great idea! Holiday photo booth :)