Chris Crisman’s Heroes of Conservation, Part 3

Chris Crisman - Heroes of Conservation

© 2012 Chris Crisman

In the final part of Chris Crisman’s Heroes of Conservation series, Chris spends the day in northern Maine with John Serfazo, founder of the American Greenlands Restoration Inc.

John began his conservation efforts over ten years ago and has to date restored or reclaimed over 1000 acres of natural habitat.

Chris takes John’s portrait in a field of wild buckwheat in the late morning, using a gridded Octabank as his key light and the sun as backlight and fill light. He writes, “Adding a grid to a larger and broader source we were able to condense the light significantly, making it a bit more contrasty and shaping but still keeping the overall soft feel we try to achieve by using our octas. Since we we were working in fairly bright daylight, we ran approximately 1500 w/s out of our Dynalite power packs, synced wirelessly to the camera with our Pocketwizard Plus® III transmitters.”

Chris Crisman - BTS

© 2012 Chris Crisman

See Part One and Two of Chris Crisman on the PocketWizard blog. For more details, images, and a lighting diagram, check out the post on Crisman’s blog. See more of his photography at Connect with him on Twitter and Facebook.


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