Sarah Silver’s Motion Trails

Photo by Sarah Silver | Dress by J. Mendel

Photo by Sarah Silver | Dress by J. Mendel

Rangefinder magazine has an article up entitled “Pushing the Limits with Light and Speed,” featuring dance photographer Sarah Silver and Chris Garrison. We’ve posted about Chris’ work with HyperSync® a number of times, but this is the first we’ve heard of Sarah’s unique style.

Sarah uses a slow shutter speed and strobes with a short flash duration, triggered by PocketWizard Plus® III’s, to visually represent the powerful and dramatic movements of her dancer subjects.

Rangefinder writes of her work, “Whether she’s photographing dancers frozen in a firestorm of water or a Muybridge-esque running sequence for Nike, Silver’s lighting, timing and vision are spot-on at capturing exciting images at the peak of the moment.”

Read the article on Rangefinder and see more of Sarah’s work on her site.


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