Scott Kelby Perseveres with Remote Camera Triggering

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Photography educator and photographer Scott Kelby has recently tested gear while shooting sports photography at football games.

Shooting for the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome, Scott set up a remote camera using PocketWizard Plus® II radios as a trigger. This enabled him to capture dramatic shots of the players running out of smoke as fireworks went off. Then the unthinkable happened! “Epic remote-camera fail,” as he called it.

Thankfully for us, for Scott, and for the NFL, Scott persevered, found the problem, and got it right at his next game! Turns out, all that happened was the sync cord popped out after he tested it. With the sync cord screwed firmly in place, Scott set up his Nikon D3 with his Sigma 15mm fisheye lens on the ground where the players would run onto the field. Every time he took a picture with his Nikon D4, the remote D3 was triggered.

©Scott Kelby

©Scott Kelby

Kudos to Scott for turning an epic fail into an epic win. Read his post and check out his portfolio for more of his work. Scott continues to shoot with his PocketWizard-fired remote camera. Check out this post about his shooting of the Falcons/Cowboys game.

If you want to learn how to set up your own remote camera, follow this link to our wiki.


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