VIDEO: Cy Cyr Shoots Golf Digest’s “Most Annoying Golf Partners”

Cy Cyr is an Orlando based photographer who specializes in commercial and editorial portrait work. Golf Digest came to him when they wanted to create a humorous photo slideshow illustrating some all-too-familiar (for all you golfers out there) bad behavior on the course.

He writes:

The photo shoot took place in November 2012 at Rio Pinar Country Club in Orlando, Florida. Some of my models include 2004 U.S. Open golfer Casey Bourque, swimsuit model Paris Nichole and Orlando comedians Mark “Jiggy” Jigarjian, Nick Pupo, and Clay Robertson.

We tackled a list of 22 shot ideas generated by Golf Digest staff members and myself. The shoot lasted about ten hours, and my PocketWizard Plus® III radio triggers were there for everything. I was running Profoto Pro-7B’s with beauty dishes because of the portability, endurance, and consistency.

Cy Cyr shooting with the PocketWizard Plus III

Cy Cyr shooting with the PocketWizard Plus III

I’ve been using PocketWizards my entire career. I rely on their consistency and ease of operation with every one of my lighting assignments. The Plus III is a great addition to the line of products. I like it’s smaller size, battery indicator and new side position of the buttons. I like the PocketWizards because I know they will work every time. There is no other option when looking for wireless transmitters. Early in my career, I assisted the best sports and portrait photographers in the country, PocketWizards were the choice of all.

The weather that day in Orlando was pretty miserable by our standards. Cold, cloudy and in the 60’s. We didn’t see the sun all day, so I strobed everything with the help of my trusty PocketWizards. Wireless transmitters are a product I don’t want to think about when I’m shooting, I just need them to work, and PocketWizards allow me to do that.

Cy Cyr shooting with the PocketWizard Plus III for Golf Digest

Cy Cyr shooting with the PocketWizard Plus III for Golf Digest

See more of Cy’s work on his newly-designed site, check out the final images on Golf Digest, and check out, a site Cy started in 2012 to help connect sports photographers and their images with potential clients.

Video by Craig Kotilinek.


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