Adrien Broom Goes Where the Colors Are

©Adrien Broom

©Adrien Broom

We’ve written about Adrien Broom’s career and her use of PocketWizard radio triggers before. We recently caught up with her while executing another project which bears all the hallmarks her elaborate sets and photography are known for.

While walking through the streets of New London, Connecticut, Broom came across the New London Antique Center. In the window was a taxidermied lion which she absolutely needed to photograph. Since the owners were unwilling to rent the lion, she rented the Center on a day it was closed. A crew was brought in, and bears, birds, and other examples of taxidermy were taken to the top floor, which was empty.

As we’ve seen in our previous stories on Broom, animals on her sets are not a new development. “I love conversations between different types of animals and people and the different kind of cultural symbolism that goes on with different animals,” Broom explains. “In this one, that’s kind of what I was trying to do; I was trying to have it symbolize part of your subconscious. It’s just an extension of personalities, etc. I would obviously much rather—whenever I can—work with live animals, but I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to work with a lion lunging at me and have it be not be terrifying.”

Working from a story-based approach, Broom draws sketches of possible scenes, but adapts to the physical when on set. “I have a good general idea of lighting, but I usually just like to go on set and move stuff around until it does kind of click,” she says.

For lighting in the antique center, Broom used Einsteins triggered by her PocketWizard FlexTT5® and MiniTT1® units. Her camera was a Canon EOS-5D Mark II.

With her recent New London photos completed, Broom has moved on to an exciting and new project not unlike many of the outdoor set shoots she’s known for. The difference this time is Broom is employing one young model for a series of images and a short film each involving a different color. Entitled Where did all the Colors Go?, this project recently achieved funding via a Kickstarter campaign.

This project is highly anticipated by Broom’s many followers. Her previous fantastical shoots have never featured a continuous character as she travels from one incredible set to another. We look forward to this and other future creations from the imagination of Adrien Broom.

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Written by Ron Egatz

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