Scott Kelby’s Remote Camera Round-Up

©2013 Scott Kelby

©2013 Scott Kelby

The photography instructor behind and host of, Scott Kelby is back with an end-of season review of his foray into NFL photography. Here at PocketWizard, it’s been a thing of beauty to watch his journey from remote camera newbie to seasoned pro, all during the course of one football season.

To catch the dramatic intro at a Falcons game, Scott used four cameras: “three mounted and one hand-held — when I fired my hand-held camera, with a PocketWizard [radio trigger] on top, it fired all the three other remotes, all capturing the same moment, but from different angles, perspectives and focal ranges.”

He used a mix of Plus® II’s and borrowed Plus® III’s to fire his cameras, but liked the Plus III’s so much after the game he ordered four of them for himself.

Read the full post to see images from the game as well as his setup. Also see his Q&A with his readers, where the remote cameras were a popular topic.


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2 Responses to “Scott Kelby’s Remote Camera Round-Up”

  1. Neil Tsubota says:

    I like Scott Kelby’s tips, and tricks.

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