VIDEO: KelbyTV on Setting Up a Remote Camera Trigger

Scott Kelby is offering a new show on KelbyTV dubbed Photography Tips & Tricks and it’s off to a fantastic, and mighty informative, start.

This first episode “features Scott Kelby, RC Concepcion, and special guest Bill Fortney sharing tips on using Auto ISO, bracketing, and setting up a remote camera in places to which you don’t have access.”

We’ve seen some excellent examples on the PocketWizard blog of how using a remote camera can get you some unique shots you otherwise wouldn’t be able to get. Curtis Baker used one to get multiple points of view at a Dolly Parton concert, Dan Bailey captured a mountain biking self portrait, and they were even used to trigger the robotic cameras at the London Olympics.

Right around the 7:50 mark of the video, Scott shows you just how easy it is to set one up for yourself using PocketWizard Plus® II radio triggers. Find the right cable for your camera using our Cable Finder, plug one end into your camera and the other into your PocketWizard, then use the second PocketWizard radio to fire your camera. Really, that’s it!

Watch the rest of the video for more tips, including a look at the brand new Nikon D600. This is set to be a weekly show, so keep an eye on KelbyTV for new episodes.


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