Jim Golden’s PocketWizard I Spy

© 2013 Jim Golden | Styled by Kristin Lane | Assisted by Sam Slater

© 2013 Jim Golden | Styled by Kristin Lane | Assisted by Sam Slater

If there were a king of Things Organized Neatly, Portland-based photographer Jim Golden would almost certainly be it. There are at least two PocketWizard radios amongst all that camera gear. Can you find them?

His meticulously-designed still life compositions can often take up to ten hours just to set up. We asked him about this mother-of-all-camera-collections image. Here’s what he had to say:

“It contains over 190 cameras, lenses and accessories and is a compilation of 20 people’s cameras collections from the Portland, Oregon area. It took roughly ten hours to layout and shoot.”

© 2013 Jim Golden | BTS

© 2013 Jim Golden | BTS

“We use PocketWizard Plus II’s day-in and day-out at my studio and used them for this shoot. This project was also shot on Profoto lighting gear, another fave along with PocketWizards.”

See more of Jim’s work on his site and take a look at the prints he has for sale. You can see more from stylist Kristin Lane, here.


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2 Responses to “Jim Golden’s PocketWizard I Spy”

  1. Nic Skerten says:

    Yes – same here. Found 2.