Scott Kelby Answers all Your Remote Camera Questions

Scott Kelby has been doing a lot with remote camera triggering lately, with some great results using remote cameras at Atlanta Falcons games. We’ve posted a few previous stories about his exploits, and now he’s back with the definitive guide to remote camera triggering.


He goes over what you need, how to set up it, and gives a couple of tips on where to place your cameras. He’s been depending on the PocketWizard Plus III’s to trigger all four of his cameras and he says:

“I used these for the first time during the play-offs and and I’m in love with these things. The range is incredible… so you can put remotes in crazy places. It also has 32 different channels so you don’t have to worry about someone else firing yours.”

He hopes the video inspires more people to try remote camera triggering and we do to! “Once you do it one time,” he says, “you’re going to absolutely love it!”

See more videos from Scott at and for more videos, check out KelbyTV.


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