Strobist’s Take on the New PocketWizard PlusX

The buzz surrounding the release of the PocketWizard PlusX has made us very excited. We’d like to send a huge “thank you” to the entire photography community. The PlusX is the simplest PocketWizard ever, and has already earned over 55 positive reviews.

Here’s what one of the Internet’s favorite photo educators has to say about our latest release.

“Basically,” David Hobby of Strobist writes, “the new PlusX transceiver has everything you really need—and nothing you don’t.”

In his overview, David goes over the PlusX’s features, including design, controls, range, and power. As a longtime PocketWizard user, David is a great source of insight on the newest member of the PocketWizard family. He even notices the rotary dial is much like the one found on some of our older triggers. Good eye, David!

He concludes, “With it’s robust build, significant range, non-obsolescence and 2-digit price tag, I think the PlusX will quickly prove to be PocketWizard’s most popular remote.”

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