VIDEO: Why SLR Lounge Loves the Plus III

The photographers at Lin & Jirsa Photography loved their PocketWizard Plus II radios for their reliability, but at the end of last year they made a video about the new guy in their arsenal, the PocketWizard Plus III.

PocketWizard Plus IIIIn this article and video review, presented by SLR Lounge, Pye Jirsa explains how the Plus III earned so much love. Part of what won photographers over were improvements made to the build: the antenna is safely tucked within the body, the hot shoe mount is made of a sturdier material, and the LCD screen displays remaining battery life. On top of that, the Plus III includes new features, like Quad-Zone triggering, while being less expensive than its predecessor.

Having tried all kinds of other triggers, he concludes, “We don’t mess around when it comes to radio triggers. We need to make sure that they’re firing and they’re firing consistently. We don’t want to miss any shots and that’s why we use the Plus III’s at the studio.”

Read the full article and see Lin & Jirsa’s work here.


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