Scott Wyden and Friends Test the PlusX

Scott Wyden Kivowitz recently gave a presentation entitled Photography Studio Lighting on a Budget for the Google+ community of New Jersey photographers. Held at Dynalite’s Union, New Jersey studio, studio portraiture was demonstrated and practiced with Dynalite’s hardware triggered by PocketWizard PlusX radios.

After Scott’s presentation was over, students practiced studio portraiture using the Dynalite gear and PlusX radio triggers. Scott put together a quick video of student impressions on the PlusX.

©Scott Wyden Kivowitz

©Scott Wyden Kivowitz

Scott concludes in his post, “Thank you PocketWizard for making our lives as photographers easier with extremely reliable radio triggers that are efficient, now more affordable than ever, and beautifully designed.”

You can find more of Scott Wyden’s work on his siteblogTwitterFacebook, and Google+.


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