A Pair of Pink Plus III Radio Triggers

The first "Tutu Pink" Plus III units available as a pair. ©Bob Carey

The first “Tutu Pink” Plus III radios available as a pair. ©Bob Carey

Previously the Carey Foundation has auctioned off “Tutu Pink” Plus III radios one at a time and raised over $1300 for the Foundation.  They’ve now decided to auction of a pair of radios in hopes of raising more funds to provide support to women diagnosed with breast cancer, survivors, and their family members.

The first pair of only 2o limited edition “Tutu Pink” PocketWizard Plus III radio triggers has been made available via an eBay auction. These rare radios will be signed and numbered by photographer Bob Carey. Donated by PocketWizard, all proceeds go to support the Carey Foundation.

Be the first person to own two of these rare gems. Fully functional, even the backlighting is pink. Once these 20 are gone, that’s it. No more. Ever. All proceeds go to a great cause. Below is the text accompanying the auction.

The Tutu Project was created by Bob Carey and launched as a kick-starter campaign in 2012. The initial goal of the project was to raise funds in order to self-publish a book featuring his “Ballerina” series of self-portraits in a tutu. The book was to be dedicated to women with breast cancer and net proceeds from the sale of the book were promised to organizations dedicated to women fighting breast cancer. Funds have been earmarked for CancerCare and Beth Israel Integrated Oncology.

Two weeks after the project launched it went viral, attracting attention from around the world. Carey and his wife Linda, who is a breast cancer survivor, realized they could do more and established The Carey Foundation. The foundation is a 501c3, which directly assists families suffering from breast cancer with daily needs such as transportation to doctor appointments, childcare, lymphedema sleeves and wigs. They are partnering with CancerCare, a nationally run non-profit to help distribute the funds. Every $1,000 raised directly benefits five families with breast cancer. It’s making a real-world difference. An impact not always seen when funds are being raised for research.

The PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver, in “Tutu Pink” is a very limited edition batch of just 20 radios. In addition to the Pink plastics, the LED backlight of the LCD screen is also pink. Each one will be numbered and signed by Bob Carey of The Tutu Project, all proceeds will be donated to The Carey Foundation and will be auctioned on an ongoing basis. If you’re looking for a way to show support for an important cause and add a bit of color to the otherwise drab colors of photo products, the Pink Plus III is it!

In addition to its “Pinkness”, The Plus lll Transceiver is the most reliable, feature-packed, easy-to-use solution for remote flash and camera triggering available.

The Plus lll is an Auto-Sensing Transceiver which means it will automatically switch between transmit and receive as needed and is reverse-compatible with all PocketWizard radios, making it the perfect addition to existing gear.

Whether new to remote triggering of camera’s and flashes or a top professional pushing gear to the limits, the Plus lll’s reliability, simplicity and performance make it the perfect tool for the job.

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