Making Waves, 16 August 2013


How to Create Video Game Characters
D.L. Cade has published a story on PetaPixel which answers some of the mysteries of video game character creation. Part of the small army responsible for creating FIFA 14 is called the EA Sports Capture Lab. This team creates headshot captures of athletes with 18 DSLRs. The images are then mapped to 3D models for further game development.

Connecting 18 cameras in nine pairs to computers and making sure everything comes off without a hitch is done with the help of one trigger: a tried-and-true PocketWizard Plus® II.

The Plus II has been replaced by the Plus® III Transceiver, but there are plenty of Plus II radios still relied upon for mission-critical jobs, such as this big budget video game production. When you boot up your copy of FIFA 14 and are stunned at how lifelike the athletes are, remember that the EA Sports Capture Lab put it all together with PocketWizard wireless triggering.

The video is also available on YouTube.


Ben Von Wong’s Kitten vs. Fire Challenge
What do breathing fire, a kitten, burned hair, tribal ink, and HyperSync® have in common? Ask Ben Von Wong, who posted an incredible story on his blog. The shoot cost him some of the hair on the left side of his head, but the two final images he got from the shoot are incredible. He’s even got some inspiring behind-the-scenes video from the project.

Von Wong relied on his PocketWizard FlexTT5 radios for Nikon which fired in HyperSync territory. Don’t miss his post for full details and a lot of inspiration.


Philip Platzer’s Rowing Shoot
Philip Platzer is no stranger to capturing fast-moving sports, but he recently nailed some dramatic shots and a whole lot of motion in an area not known for dramatic sports photography: rowing. Red Bull has the scoop with a nice blog story packed with great images, including behind-the-scenes shots. Relying on PocketWizard Plus II radio triggers, Platzer was able to get some remote camera triggering to help capture the drama, as a third person in a small two-man craft is not possible.

Paul Sieber and Bernhard Sieber, ©Philip Platzer

Paul Sieber and Bernhard Sieber, ©Philip Platzer

See more of Philip Platzer’s work at his site.

Rutger Pauw Captures Viki Gomez in Flight
Photographer Rutger Pauw has photographed BMX rider Viki Gomez doing some amazing moves, and Red Bull has a great post on it, complete with the below video. Pauw’s quoted as saying:

No tricks with HyperSync or special transmitters that fail with the slightest bit of interference—it just works. I used my 8-year-old PocketWizard Plus® II’s that have never let me down. Nice peace of mind when someone wants to do a trick just once.

The Plus II has been replaced by the Plus® III. See more of Rutger Pauw’s work at his site.


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