Making Waves, 30 August 2013

making_waves_logoChris Garrison
PocketWizard Blog reader-favorite Chris Garrison is still hot on the Red Bull scene. He put together a great post on a shoot combining the impossible, land and water sport figures together, featuring Terry Adams and Adam Errington. Packed with behind-the-scenes photos, two videos, and the whole story, don’t miss Chris Garrison and his PocketWizard FlexTT5 and PowerST4 pulling off the impossible. As always, get your fix of Chris Garrison at his site and blog.

Joe DiMaggio
AdoramaTV has published an interesting video featuring Joe DiMaggio getting up close and personal with a robin’s nest. Thanks to his use of PocketWizard Plus® III technology, DiMaggio was able to get fabulous lighting in a tight, dimly-lit location. Don’t miss more of DiMaggio’s work at his site with portrait photographer JoAnne Kalish.


Teri Campbell
Wow. Do you want to see how it’s done? PetaPixel published a story by food photographer Teri Campbell, who just shot for the new KFC eleven concept restaurant. The assignment was to create images sympathetic to social media-type shots, but definitely professionally polished. Pro gear was used to get the look of multiple shooters with multiple rigs, and the PocketWizard MiniTT1 was called up. Don’t miss this post for a fascinating story of the business, a real world production environment, and some great behind-the-scenes shots. And don’t forget to keep an eye on Teri Campbell and his awesome site.

©Teri Campbell for Teri Studios, Creative Alliance, and KFC.

©Teri Campbell for Teri Studios, Creative Alliance, and KFC.

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